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No new clients after 12/30/

Full Chart reading with the Basics of Human Design, solar return, progressions and transits         $250

Updates:       $200
Chart Update and Analysis now includes the Human Design gates that are activated and what houses they effect. Progressions, transits and solar return
Due to the additional amount of time required to
cover these new and very important additions 
the time required is two hours​. The EFT session can be added for $50

A special EFT session for 
Based on the progressions in your Human Design chart and the gates that are now activated we tap out the negative and in with the new positive.

 When I announced that  I was no longer taking on  new clients, there were frowns and scowls and statements such as " I told my friend about you and he really wants
 a reading"  "Why, she continued didn't you give
 us advance notice"

 advance notice.
I will not be taking on any New Clients after
 December 30th  
Blessings, Kathy
I am off creating new experiences............

 2017 is an 1 Universal Year. ruled by the Sun 

The Sun focuses on the individuality, the heart and its desires. This is a year of new beginnings. What does the heart want, and what seeds does it want to plant? Last year was about clearing out the weeds and making room for these new seeds. Don't drag the old issues into this year. The focus, while it might seem to some, self centered, is where you have to be focused.
The Sun shines nourishing light on what you plant, it fills you with strength and energy to initiate new ideas.
In a 1 year it is hard to hide things, the light is too bright. Illumination and clarity are part of the energy for this year. Whatever personal year you are running this year, there is always an energy of beginnings.
Example. If you are in a personal 4 year which is about foundations, they would be new foundations. If you are in a 6 personal year, they would be new domestic changes, like marriage, home etc.
The Sun always wants to shine a beneficial light on issues and bring dark or hidden things out into the light.

How to figure what personal year you are in.
Take your month and your day of birth and add them together,
if you have a compound number add them together until you arrive at a single digit.
March 18th 3+1+8=12. 1+2 =3
This number is then added to the current year.3+1=4
(1) year is ruled by the Sun and the sign of Leo.
(2) is ruled by the Moon and the sign of Cancer.
(3) is ruled by Jupiter, and the signs, Sagittarius and Pisces.
(4) is ruled by Saturn and the sign of Capricorn.
(5) is ruled by Mercury and the signs, Gemini and Virgo.
(6) is ruled by Venus and the signs of Taurus and Libra.
(7) is ruled by Neptune and the sign of Pisces.
(8) is ruled by Saturn and the signs Capricorn and Aquarius.
(9) is ruled by Mars and the signs Aries and Scorpio.
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