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Offices in Denville and Sparta New Jersey   Phone: 973-551-3466 email: kathy@kathykerston.com 

The following workshops will be offered at ISD Sparta,
 ISD Madison and ISD DC. Some will be held in Denville.
   One Size does not fit all! 
Leo Buscaglia wrote (Don’t teach a rabbit how to fly)

Tapping into your gifts

                           EFT Workshop designed around your Human Design chart.
Activating the Law of Attraction is powerful when it is empowering your own script. Understand some very basic but powerful indicators in your Human Design chart, then applying EFT you can run, if you’re a rabbit, or fly if you are a bird, light years ahead.

Breathing in love! Heart Resonance workshop

Researchers have now proven that the heart is 100x more powerful electrically, and up to 5,000x more powerful magnetically than the brain.. Our hearts actually “think”, and have neural tissue, hence the term “heart intelligence.”
This workshop will use your astrology chart to focus on the transformative power of love, which begins with self. With an understanding of your own script you can channel the loving energies that are already powerful in your script. See how far they can expand This is an incredible self-healing tool as well as world changing one.

Erasing ancestral memories.

We all come into this life carrying ancestral trauma memories. These include events we have no conscious knowledge of, as well as some we might know. Using the emotion code and your 88 day pre birth chart, we begin the journey that not only brings you incredible rewards but frees the ancestral souls and cancels these memories from going into the future. 

Writing a new script
This workshop is totally new and experimental. 

If we accept that there is no time and that everything exists now, we can create a new script
 now. We will take the current astrology chart and re-write it. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 
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