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Libra Male

Birth dates: September 23rd through October 2nd

Venus is the ruler of this first decanate of Libra and it endows you with charm, sex appeal and a warm winning personality. Don’t get carried away, you 
had better develop the gifts of Venus if you want those charms to have staying power. An elegant and sophisticated style coupled with the know-how of administration and merchandising can reap great rewards. Education is important in that it 
can open the doors for you to make the money that you 
desire to live the good life. Gentle but firm, people respect you and co-operate when a job is needed to done. Libra’s don’t 
like to get their hands dirty unless they are creating a work of art. People are drawn like bees to honey when you enter the room, and you form friendships easily. Your sense of fairness is an attractive quality that endears you to many. You are the quintessential romantic that wants your partner to be gentle yet responsive to your passions. You are fervent, ardent and always considerate of your partner. Your number is 6, which brings love and harmony into your life. Wear a pink or pale blue shirt to attract success.

Birth dates: October 3rd through 12th 

Mercury joins Venus in this second decanate of Libra. This duo confers the gift of the gab. In other words you can charm
 others into seeing things your 
way, which can help enormously in business. A gentle leader, you administrate with a combination of fairness and strength. When your communication 
skills are coupled with your charms you can make all kinds of creative enterprises financially rewarding. You attract many friends through your easygoing personality, which doesn’t make heavy demands on others. Slow to ask for help, you could
 be very surprised how many will come through for you if you
only ask. Your mate will have to curb any jealous feelings, for women adore you, both as a friend and as a lover. You seek
out a mate with a little fire that can be gentle, responsive and yes, a little daring. the numbers 5 and 6 especially when used together attracts a good share of the good life to you. Pale blue, pink and white help maintain harmony and balance.

Birth dates: October 13th through the 22nd 

This third decanate of Libra brings the gifts of the planets Venus and Uranus together, to create an adventurous personality. Venus loves excitement and together these two planets can create a lot of it. A desire for uniqueness can sometimes make
you a little too unconventional, however Venus always helps you charm your way out of any sticky situation. Uranus rules electronics, communication and computers, while Venus rules fashion; art,  dining,money management and investments all open to your expertise and charm. Every social gathering is improved by your presence and it is many times 
You attract many friends but choose only a few, which you hold onto. Females adore you and everyone wants to take you home to meet their mother, 
who winds up loving you also. The numbers 6 and 11 bring luck, while a pink shirt attracts like honey.

Libra Female
Birth dates: September 23rd through October 2nd.

The planet Venus rules this first decanate of Libra. This alchemic goddess endows you with many of her gifts, the first, is
 the capacity to be totally feminine. You are a charming and appealing personality who makes both sexes feel comfortable in your presence. Gentle yet firm, you avoid confrontations when there can be a peaceful solution.
You are exceptionally social and all fields where your creativity or social skills can be employed are good for you. As a
parent you are patient and gentle as you employ firm guidance with lots of love. Your love life can read like a harlequin romance. You want to be romanced in a tranquil and appealing environment. Highly aesthetic, you abhor vulgar, course or 
rude manner. You are attracted to males who have a certain amount of refinement in their personality. When the mood is
 set, you are a romantic and passionate lover. Your number is 6 and all pastel colors bring out your charms

Birth dates: October 3rd through October 12th 

Venus and Uranus rule this second decanate of Libra. Uranus loves excitement, and adds an electrified essence to your pleasant personality. Calm and reserved one moment you surprise yourself and others, the next moment, by letting your 
hair down and taking a chance. Your communication skills are excellent and with Venus adding her charms you use words 
very convincingly. Many career opportunities are open to you with all your varied talents. You make a loving mother, who
 helps bring out your children’s and talents and you give them the freedom to be themselves. You seek excitement in your
 love life and your mate better not be boring. You will only give your heart when you are sure you wont tire of him, then you
 are a passionate and creative lover. Your lucky numbers are 6 and 11, while electrified colors and all pastels compliment you.

Birth dates: October 13th through 22nd

Mercury joins Venus in this third decanate of Libra. Your charming and pleasant personality is matched by not only your
ability to use language, whether it be the written word or the spoken word, creativity is strong in all the Libra decanates,
 but you also have great skill with communicating and arbitrating The word fair, is always in your mind or on your lips. There
 is good communication between your heart and your head giving you an advantage in business. You can make people not
 only see the value of something, but you help them feel it also. You make a loving parent who kids can really talk to, and 
your kids might just drag their friend’s home for you council also. While education isn’t everything, you definitely prefer intelligent men. When you find that rapport with a man, you are a zealous and intriguing lover, who’s charms always keeps 
her him interested. Your lucky numbers are 5 and 6. Pastels and metallic colors empower you.

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