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 Cancer Males.

Birth dates June 22nd through July 2nd
Born under the first deconate of Cancer you are very influenced by the Moon. Intuitive and practical you are 
able to combine these attributes to your advantage. Security both financial and emotional are important to you and you will do whatever it takes to make sure that the status quo is protected. Because of your excellent instincts you do well in the business world although risky ventures will never be your forte. Real estate and domestic products or anything that fits into the world of reliability holds appeal. You are extremely traditional
 and your loyalty to family, home and country is to be commended. You can be a loving father who will work
 hard to give his family a comfortable home. Romantically you are warm, nurturing and very sensitive. Don’t
 take things too personal or you could hurt your loved one by interpreting their actions incorrectly. Don’t retreat into your shell, if hurt, talk about it, Your partner will most likely be surprised how you perceived what took
 place and affectionately make everything right. The number 2 and all shimmering or metallic colors bring a
 sense of calm and attract co-operation.

Birth dates July 3rd through July 13th 
The Planet Pluto joins your ruler, the Moon, in this second decanate of Cancer,
Change, something that you tend to resist is important for your growth. The ability to work well with the public and draw on your excellent instincts will bring many opportunities for advancement in life. Don’t resist the changes. The security you desire comes when you least expect it and in areas you haven’t dreamed of. You 
will naturally attract money and opportunities to make it, with many career doors open to you, you’re intuition
 will guide you as to your choices. You will experience many completions in life and will be called upon to put
 the finishing touch to situations and projects. While home and family are important to you, don’t hold on to outmoded ideas and attitudes that are no longer appropriate. You can be a caring and supportive parent, if the need to control is exercised. In love matters you are intense, passionate and sensitive. Always be aware that generally speaking people don’t intentionally want to hurt you, so guard against taking offense. Approach life with an optimistic attitude and the moonbeams will light your path. The color 2 will attract harmony and co-operation, while 22 will attract intense changes for the better.

Birth dates July 14th through July 22nd
Neptune joins the Moon, your ruler, in this last decanate of Cancer. This combination offers wonderful opportunities and great challenges. The creative nature is enhanced and impossible dreams are within your reach. Your challenge is to resist the temptation to escape reality, and exaggerate the facts. If you use your intuition and creative talents to bring either a product or a talent before the public, you can have real magic in your life. Your psychic abilities are enhanced in this decanate and you can read peoples motives fairly well.  
Don’t act on that intuitive information immediately, for the Moon has a tendency to pick up the mood of the moment, wait a day or two before making a decision. Choose your friends well. You are such a good guy that others might try to talk you into areas of experience that are not especially good for you. Children love you 
and you attract much warmth from them. You are loveable, passionate and sensitive. You like romantic 
dinners and music to enhances your passions. Your numbers are 2 and 7 and a dash of purple anywhere enhances your creative and intuitive talents.

CANCER  Females
Birth dates June 22nd through July 2nd
Diana, the moon goddess rules this first decanate of Cancer. You are a reflection of everything that the
 goddess stands for in all her feminine principles. Intuitive and nurturing your basic nature is that of conserving and protecting the family, whether it is your traditional family, your work group or your friendships. While totally feminine in all your strengths and weaknesses one better not think of you as helpless. You have great tenacity and an incredible way of sensing which feminine ploy will work for you at any given moment. Your need for security makes you hold onto people and situations long after they serve you. You make a wonderful mother, sensitive and affectionate, but you have difficulty in letting them leave the nest. Sensitive and sometimes 
moody it is important that your mate let you move through those times without taking your actions personally. Understand that others don’t experience life like you do, so don’t judge their lack of sensitivity as a fault. 
When you feel secure and loved you are a passionate lover that can both reach great emotional highs and
 take your love there too.

Birth dates July 3rd through July 12th
In this second decanate of Cancer, Pluto joins the Moon, your ruler. A penetrating planet, Pluto makes your already sensitive nature more intense. Strong and determined you can be both a great source of strength for others and for yourself, especially when you listen to your intuition and apply your gifts in a positive way. You
 go to no end to hold onto people and issues that you hold dear, but when you do let go there is no turning 
back. You exhibit great executive ability and do well in positions of authority. You are a loving and sensitive parent, but you do have to watch the tendency to be controlling. Sex is important to you and as a lover you 
are deep and passionate. You attract a mate that values your assets and reciprocates. The number 2 and the colors white and silver attract harmony in your domestic life. Deep reds bring passion and power, while the number 22 helps large enterprises.

Birth dates July 12th through the 22nd
The Moon and Neptune, endowing you with an incredible imagination, rule this last decanate of Caner. When applied correctly this combination can heighten your intuition and enhance your creativity. Your need for 
security is strong and you have to guard against letting vague fears which have no basis, creep into your consciousness. Water has a practically calming effect on you and a small home fountain will bring you many benefits physically and emotionally. In business you rely too much on the practical out of the fear that your intuition could be wrong. Learn to trust your instincts and balance your actions with practical application and 
you will do extremely well. Your sympathetic nature makes you a caring and supportive mother, as long as you don’t allow those vague fears to create undue worry. Your romantic life is an area where the Moon and 
Neptune can really do their thing. Magic occurs, but only when you feel loved and protected, and then you let down your hair and lose yourself in the passion of the moment.
You attract a mate that can provide you with financial security and a safe place to emotionally express yourself. The number 2 and 7 add calmness and creativity in your life. The watercolors enhance your intuition and heighten your romantic nature.

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