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Pisces Males
Birth dates February 21st through March 1st
Neptune, the magical planet of illusion or illumination, rules this first decanate of Pisces. Those of you, who know the positive power of this planet, can make the world your oyster. Neptune is the miracle maker and when you have faith in your vision, you can make even the most impossible dream realty. Sensitive to the vibration of those around you, it is important that you surround yourself with positive minded people, those who encourage you, and note your worth. You are gifted in many areas, but you always have to be aware
 that Neptune can lure you into the world of illusion. Don’t be fooled by the doubts that you might encounter, and don’t be tempted to use methods of escape. The motto that creates these miracles in business and in your personal life is “ I Believe”.  You are a loving and sensitive parent, with a tendency to spoil your children, for it is hard to say no.  Your love life is a magical world where women feel like they are entering some sacred space. Warm, passionate and imaginative you loose yourself as you surrender to love. You attract an earthy partner with  a practical approach to life who appreciates your capacity to make her a princess. Your lucky numbers are 3 and 7 while all colors that represent the sea accentuate your charms.

Birth dates: March 1st through March 10th
The Moon joins Neptune in this second decanate of Pisces, blessing you with an incredible creative imagination. An ability to sway the public, especially women, opens the door to many possible career  choices. Although your temperament can swing from positive to pessimistic, your faith catches you by the collar and places you on track again. Your intuition is unbelievably accurate and when you trust your own instincts you can excel in any line of work. Women adore you, and will help you in many areas of your life. Women   feel that you understand their soul; too bad they don’t really understand yours. As a parent you  have great sensitivity. Your children will however, intuit your tender spot and get what they want. In the romance department you either wear your heart on your sleeve, or hide it so well to protect it from being   hurt. Once you feel that the love you give is returned you are a romantic, sensitive and passionate lover.  Your lucky numbers are 2 and 7. Deep purple and iridescent colors help you access your power.

March 11th through March 20th
Neptune and Pluto, a powerful combination, rule this third decanate of Pisces. While the energy of this combination is difficult to handle, the rewards are incredible. I call Pluto the control planet and it has the 
habit of attracting people who challenge you, these challenges are so that you learn the lessons of self-control. When you take control over your own destiny, your penetrating insight and faith can move  mountains. Your creativity and intuition serve to open many doors for you whatever career you choose. Always take a deep breath and tune in to your instincts before answering a question or making a decision  and you will receive divine guidance. You make a sensitive and caring parent who employs good psychology when dealing with your children. Your love life is passionate, with great depth and strong emotion. You           attract  those who are intrigued by your charismatic personality that almost hypnotizes them. You do best with the earth signs, or at least someone with a strong sense of practicality. You lucky numbers are 7 and 22, a ring with a ruby in it is powerful for you. All shades of purple or deep-water color add to your allure.
Pisces Female
Birth dates February 19th through the 28th
The planet Neptune rules this first decanate of Pisces. This planet touches everything with a little magic and you are no exception. Intuitive and creative this planet bestows on you the ability to create miracles in your life. A natural healer, your very presence can have a healing and calming effect on people. If you choose 
the life of an artist your work will have a surreal allure to it. Neptune can also be of great value in the material world as long as you stay grounded, giving you the ability to dream and realize that dream. Film and photography appeal to you, while dance helps keep your body supple and healthy. Friends love your warm and sensitive nature and when you respond to the higher vibrations of love, the universe moves you into worlds of success. You are a caring and loving parent, who, without other factors in your chart, finds it hard to say no to your children. As a lover you intoxicate your mate with the magic of make believe and take him to dimensions he has only dreamed of. Your ideal mate should have a strong earth element in his chart, or you could both drown in a sea of seductive emotion. Your colors are those of the sea and your lucky number is 

Birth dates: February 29th through March 9th
Neptune and the Moon rule this second decanate of Pisces. This combination can give great talent or much confusion. The key to obtaining the gifts of this combination is in developing faith in yourself and listening to your inner guidance, know as your intuition. Sensitive to the vibrations of those around you, it is important that you surround yourself with positive people, who appreciate your kind and loving nature. Careers choices that utilize your creative talent or place you in contact with the public give you the most satisfaction. A giving, sensitive and caring friend, you have to also learn to accept help from those who care about you. As a 
parent you are loving and sensitive to your children’s needs, although discipline is sometimes difficult for
 you. When choosing a husband or lover it is important that he understands your sensitive nature, and supply a practical safe haven for your heart. He will be rewarded with a warm and passionate lover that can take him to heaven. Your lucky numbers are 2 and 7, all watercolors bring you tranquility and a home fountain adds peace to your world.

Birth dates: March 10th through the 20th
Neptune and Pluto rule this third decanate of Pisces. Cloaked in mystery, the power of this combination is not always apparent. Emotions run deep with these two at the helm and it takes a lot of self-discipline to harness their power. Great accomplishments can be achieved when you are willing to place the cloak of self-mastery on your shoulders, and the results make you a leader who can guide and assist others in their journey. Whether in the business world or your personal world, your acute intuition will be called upon. An interest in psychology can entice you into the world of healing, as Pluto digs deep for the answers. You can also exhibit extremely good executive abilities where your intuition can be of enormous help. When Neptune adds its magic, you can dream big and make those dreams come true.
You attract many friends but choose few. Those who are lucky to have you as an ally will remain true for many years. You are a loving and protective parent whose children gain much from your insightful nature. You attract strong and sometimes controlling kind of men. While strength is to be admired, move far away from control freaks. Your lesson is self-control; don’t employ your mate for the job.
Once you are in a safe haven and you give your heart, you are a wonderful generous and passionate lover. Your magic numbers are 7 and 22. Your colors are deep reds and watercolors.

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