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Scorpio Male
Birth date: October 23rd through November 2nd

The planet Pluto rules this first decanate of Scorpio. Intense, detailed, organized and alluring, your energy electrifies the room when you enter. Poised and ready to strike, you have an incredible keen eye for a business deal. This eye also never misses an attractive female. You approach life with a sense of purpose that either attracts admiration, from those that are not threatened by your capabilities, or people run as far away as they can, for the fear that they might be destroyed. You do your homework, and your capacity to retain information can prepare you for any career of your choice. Friends that get close to you are usually are there to stay. You are loyal and someone that can be counted upon. You have a tendency to be a strict parent, and your kids better tell you the truth, for you already know it. But you are warm and loving. A passionate and possessive  lover you give your all and you expect the same in return. The numbers 9 and 22 will show up often in your life. Wear a ruby ring it attracts great wealth and success.

Birth dates: November 3rd through November 11th

Neptune joins Pluto, your ruler, in this second decanate of Scorpio. You are the detective par excellence. You can ferrite out any secret or piece of information that you seek. Your powers of observation are unparallel and nobody had better try to pull the wool over your eyes. In business you exhibit an air of aloofness that separates you from your competitors, giving you the ability to tune in  to your intuitive powers, which are extremely accurate, supplying you always with the edge. Because you don’t want your ideas disturbed, you work better on projects alone. Your great intuition comes in handy as a parent, for your kids won’t even come close to pulling one over on you. As a lover you incorporate magic and passion an irresistible combination that makes you mate feel like a goddess. The numbers 7 and 22 will be powerful in your life and colors that  reflect deep water brings calmness and peace.

Birth dates: November 12th through November 22nd 

This third decanate of Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and the Moon, making it the most emotional area of this sign. Extremely intuitive, you approach life with caution. Deep and emotional you are always seeking to understand how things, as well as life, work. You are intrigued by projects that require in depth research and would be very successful in any area where this talent     is valued. Whether researching medicine or the stock market you are thorougher in your work. You may have many friends, but only a privileged few can get really close to you. You are an affectionate parent who can sense the needs of your children and respond with a deep understanding. In the love department, you emit a sexy mysterious energy that attracts females wanting to find out, just what is in there. Once you have determined that the motives of your mate are acceptable, you are a  passionate and intuitive lover, reading the needs of your partner and responding fully to them. You attract a loyal and  intelligent partner. The numbers 9 and 7 bring you luck, while deep-water colors and purple activate your intuition and guide you in all matters.

Scorpio Female

Birth dates: October 23rd through November 1st

Penetrating is the word that describes this first decanate of Scorpio. With Pluto as your ruler, you attack any and all situations with determination and passion. Your ability to see deep into everything makes you excellent at anything that requires 
research and the accumulation of facts. Intuitive and perceptive, it is difficult for anyone to conceal anything from you, while you, on the other hand, are  the worlds best at keeping a secret. Your combination of gifts can make you a good organizer
 and a sound investor Your capacity to run the home and the office equally well, can make some of your friends envious. With all the intensity this combination brings, it is important that you take time out to play. You make a loving and competent 
mother, but one who expects her children to tow the line. Your taste in men is a combination of executive ability and raw
 animal instinct. Only strong personalities need apply for the position. Once you have found him worthy, you are wild, intense    and passionate. You give loyalty and you expect it in return. Your luck numbers are 9 and 22 while deep shades of red add to your allure,

Birth dates: November 2nd through November 11th

Pluto teams up with Neptune it this second decanate of Scorpio. While this is not the easiest of combinations it is one of the most rewarding. Neptune adds a magical allure to the powers of Pluto, giving you the ability to seduce, whether in work, love
 or friendship. You are incredibly intuitive yet practical, you can turn any creative vision into a real material success. Whether you are building a business a career or a home you blend creativity and organization in such a way as to assure great accomplishments. You make a passionate and caring parent, whose children learn early that they can’t pull the wool over 
your eyes. Romantically, sex is important to you, and when you don’t let imaginary fears get in the way, you are loving, intense and passionate. You bring a magical quality   to your love- making. Wear a ruby or al least something that is ruby red.
 Purple is a color that enhances your spiritual values and brings luck into your life. Your numbers are 7, 9 and 22.

Birth dates: November 12th through November 21st

Pluto and the Moon rule this last decanate of Scorpio. The Moon here, adds a deep sensitivity to your intense nature, confusing others, and sometimes yourself, as to whether you are going to sting or cry. Your mother usually plays a major
 role in the development of your emotions and you constantly struggle to gain control of them. When you choose to claim the gifts these planets give you, nothing can stop your success. Don’t make important decisions when you are upset always
 take a deep breath and then listen to that calm voice within, it will guide you well. You should choose a career that lets you make your own choices. You can be an asset when working in any form of public relations or any job that brings you in
 contact with the public. You are a caring an intuitive parent, but you must guard against being over protective. Romantically you attract strong, and sometimes controlling personalities that play on your emotions, and sometimes the tables are turned and you want to control. Find a happy medium of give and take and both of you will enjoy a caring, nurturing and passionate love life. Your numbers are: 2,9 and 22. Deep reds, silver and iridescent colors are yours.

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