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Gemini Males
Birth dates May 21st through 31st 

Communicator par excellence you are here on this planet to share ideas and information. Mercury, your ruler
 is the messenger that is always on the move. A good education is important for you. While a certain amount 
of discipline is needed so as not to scatter your energies, those in your life have to understand that you are a mutable sign, blessed with the ability to adapt to change and commence on new and unproven paths.
 Freedom is important to you and you will shun those who try to restrict it. Your career choices are many 
though you will be more attracted to those fields that give you plenty of interaction with people. Sales, advertising, writing, public speaking and politics all appeal to you, Whatever field you prefer, your quick mind, and mouth, can enhance your situation, In friendship as well as love, you are a carefree spirit. Talking is as important as closeness and intimacy. While 
you love to kid and joke around remember there is a time for everything. Gemini rules the hands, so if you must talk a lot to you’re loved one at least hold her hand. The number 5 and the color ………….enhances freedom and encourages change. 

Birth dates. June 1st through June 10th 

Venus joins Mercury, your ruler, in this second deconate of Gemini. What a sweet talker. You have the ability 
to use language in an extremely creative way. Whether selling yourself, or your product, you do so in such a captivating way that it makes it difficult for people to refuse to listen, or disagree with you. Make sure that you don’t scatter your energies on (get rich quick schemes), you have what it takes to get where you want to go without risking the house and the car. You 
make a playful parent and friend, and not wishing to take things to seriously you sometimes let others get away with more
 than they should. Unlike the other two deconates of Gemini you are more sensual. Your touch speaks volumes, and if accompanied by your words of affection you are irresistible. The number 5 encourages change and the number six attracts love and money into your life. Wear the colors

Birth dates June 11th through June 20th 

In this third decante of Gemini, Incredible gifts are offered as the planet Uranus joins your ruler Mercury. While real genius
 and inventiveness is evident, the energies of these two planets can make you too progressive and bazaar for most people. Don’t be concerned. Rejoice in your gifts, invent, invigorate and communicate your ideas. You have excellent marketing 
skills and technical ability and those who do understand you will be very impressed. In your work you need to have a good amount of freedom, both physical and mental. While you are great with people you are even better with ideas and solutions. Your love life needs to be exciting and you seek out women with good minds and self-assuredness. Not given to being overly emotional, you are  sometimes misunderstood. The truth is you are deeply emotional when your intellect as seen it as worthwhile. While making love with thoughts and words is poetic, remember you are living on the physical plane. Come to earth once in  awhile you might like it. When employing the numbers 5 and 11 change and creative genius is enhanced. Wear the color blue to calm down the mental energy 

Gemini Females
Birth dates May 21st through May 31st 

When you were born, the wings of Mercury, the ruler of this first decanate of Gemini, were enticing you into the
 world to have fun. “Come and enjoy all that the world has to offer,” Mercury whispered. You are a communicator
 par excellence and you can entertain others with either your lavish stories, or gossip.
 You can also impress them with the mired of facts that you have accumulated. With a keen and bright mind, you
 have many career options open to you, but your talent with either the spoken or written 
word is by far the best, 
Gemini also rules the hands and you can be very gifted and creative with them. I have seen this talent used from
 hair stylists to hand surgeons. Friends swarm around you always eager to be entertained
 and you are always welcome to the party. Your love life has to be exciting or you get bored, therefore the object of your affections had better keep you interested, it doesn’t mean he has to be a talker he can
 be the silent type that intrigues that mind of yours which wants to fallom out what he’s thinking. Romantically you actually convey more with your hands. When you touch you have better access to your feelings than with your
 mind. Stroke  his hair and go from there. Your color is silver and iridescent hues. Your number is 5.

Birth dates June 1st through June 10th  

Mercury and Venus rule this second decanate of Gemini. The art of flirting was most likely invented by this combination. You are bright, amusing, sexy and coy, Venus here, endows you with the gift of conviction.
 Whether you are making the deal of the century, creating a work of art, writing an effective speech or just 
talking your way out of a situation you succeed. A sure hit at any social event you attract many and varied friendships. Capable of juggling more than one thing at a time, you handle a career and home life with ease. 
You can be attracted to politics and if ventured into you make an effective speaker. As a mother you are
 always sharing ideas with your young, and you retain a lot of the attractive qualities attributed to keeping the child alive in you. You seek out a mate that holds your interest and is willing to adapt to the many changes
 that you constantly make. You convince him your right when you stroke him and whisper words of love in his
 ear and he succumbs to your charms. The numbers 5 and 6 when used together, make sure that all changes and freedom don’t disrupt the harmony of the home. The color silver and a warm pink works well for you, 
while too many pastel colors can keep you too cool.

Birth dates: June 11th through June 22nd

Uranus, the genius planet, joins Mercury in this last decanate of your sign. Step aside guys, you are
 no match for this feminine brain. Bright, intelligent, unique and sometimes a little quirky you are a delight to behold. The energy of this combination is sometimes a little difficult to contain and you would do well to find some
 physical outlet, such as sports, to let some steam loose. You are an idea person who can come up with some remarkable marketing techniques that if implemented can make your career choices put you in the money. You do, however, need to discipline your mind so that you don’t scatter your energies. You are attracted to those who are unconventional, yet you do better when your partner has some earthiness to help keep you grounded. As a parent you are progressive  and encourage your kids to think for themselves. In love you are game for change and excitement and have no trouble letting your mate know what pleases you. That actually pleases him. The numbers
 5 and 11 will show up in significant ways throughout your life, especially with important events. While shimmering colors, white and silver are good for you, do incorporate deep magenta for spiritual grounding.

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