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Male Leo’s
Birth dates: July 22nd to July 31st  

The glorious Sun rules this first decanate of Leo, endowing you with the pride and the noble bearing of a king. Because you are endowed with a generous nature and a flair for the dramatic you often find yourself center stage, which is exactly where you are supposed to be. A leader by nature you will loyally defend those who serve you well. Whether you teach as a profession or not, you are in fact a born teacher. You have a huge generous heart and many will want to follow your 
example, especially when you conduct yourself with pride in your accomplishments tempered with humility. The world is 
your stage and the profession you choose should give you great visibility. You attract positions of authority and sometimes
 a lot is expected of the king. Females find you sexy, fascinating and completely irresistible. You love to be stroked and complimented. And there is no shortage of those willing. When you give your heart you are loyal and treat the woman in
 your life like a queen. Your number is 1 and your color is yellow or gold.

Birth dates: August 1st through August 11th 

In this second decanate of Leo, the magnanimous and royal Jupiter joins the Sun, your ruler. 
This combination calls on the very best you can give in life. You have a natural refinement of spirit that shines through. 
While opportunities that can include education, publicity, politics and travel present themselves, it is your ultraistic nature
 that will guide you. Meant for the top of the ladder in your chosen career, you get there 
with pride and integrity. You are a people magnet for your sense of fun is always accessible and you can lift 
the spirit of others by your presence. Children adore you for you never lose sight of the child in yourself. 
When it comes to women, you are a winner. Sexy, passionate and fun loving they all want to be on your arm 
and in your light. When you give your heart it is wholly and completely. When you are stroked and appreciated you are 
loyal and generous. The number 1 and 7 hold power for you. Gold and purple are your colors and 
can attract heavenly opportunities to you.

Birth dates: August 12th through 31st 

In this third decanate of Leo, fiery Mars joins your ruler, the Sun. Courage and leadership are prominent in your 
personality and you will attract many situations that will challenge your ability to lead. Large enterprises entice you and your gifts can catapult you into a high or executive position. Career choices will be many, however always remember, that Mars
 has a tendency to push or rush decisions, pace yourself and you will decide correctly and accomplish much. Physical 
activity such as sports can be a great vehicle to release some of that explosive energy you sometimes feel. Your creative talents, if you activate them are imbued with passion, which if you choose, can bring great success. A natural teacher you breathe excitement into everything and like a pied piper everyone wants to follow. Your love life is amorous, passionate 
and dramatic. Your loved one will have to be a high-energy person to keep up with you. You have a tendency to rush into romantic situations, slow down a little and smell the roses and you will find true love. Your numbers are 1 and 9 your colors
 are red and gold.

Female Leo’s
Birth dates: July 23rd to August 2nd 

The Sun rules this first decanate of Leo. Fearless and daring you enter the arena of life like a lioness, tossing your mane 
with confidence and self-assurdness. Your regal bearing attracts attention and respect. Your outgoing nature hides a deep sensitivity that only becomes apparent when your pride is hurt. Honesty and integrity are the tools that help you achieve success and they are very necessary, for your position in life is to be on stage or at least in situations of visibility. You bring color and drama to social situations and are a welcome guest at any party. While some of you want to be mother of the 
year, all of you, will defend your young like the lioness herself. Children are drawn to your love your sense of drama and 
play. Your love life can be as a hot and dramatic as you want it. No one can make their mate sizzle better than you can. Although you can be a flirt, once you give your heart it’s for real and your mate had better respect it. Only males of strong character need apply for your affections. The color gold and the number 1 belong to you and attract winning situations in all areas of your life.

Birth dates: August 3rd through August 13th 

Jupiter joins the Sun in this second decanate of Leo. A sunny disposition that believes that everything will turn out well is
 your gift. Don’t let over sensitiveness rob you of the wonderful optimism that Jupiter, the great benefactor brings you. 
There is a royal ness about you that others sense and you attract attention from those in important places. You enjoy 
people and with your great leadership qualities you have many career choices. For those of you who seek the limelight
 prepare well, always be mindful of your integrity, for the world will be looking at you. Parenting comes easy to you for your sense of fair play and honesty is projected to your children who always know that they can count on you. As a lover your
 mate is always satisfied for you are passionate and true. You put your heart and soul on line and hold nothing back, for you innately know that true love given always returns, it is the law of the universe. The numbers 1 and 3 and the royal colors,
 gold and purple, bring luck and success into your life.

Birth dates: August 14th through August 22nd

Mars joins the Sun in this third decanate of Leo. Courage and the ability to take action are your assets. Your leadership qualities are strong and those that follow you won’t be disappointed. Physical activity provides you with an arena for competition, which you love, while the business world also beckons to you. Creative and daring you are a take charge
 person and those in high positions can be assured that you will make sure the job gets done.
You have many friends although some of them can’t always keep up with you. Your loyalty and sense of fair play make you popular with both sexes. As a mother you love to be a part of your children’s world and encourage them in all areas of development. Remember though, that sometimes they just want to be loved, they may not want to be a master skier. 
As a lover you are as brave and daring as you are with life. Loyal and devoted you demand the same in return. Your lover
 can never complain that his sex life is dull. Red and gold are the colors that bring out your best qualities, while the numbers 1 and 9 are lucky for you.

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