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Virgo Men
Birth dates: August 23rd though September 1st

The planet Mercury rules this first decanate of Virgo. The choice of profession for you is important, for the need to understand how everything works, categorize and organize is powerful in your personality. You constantly strive to bring all matters in your life under the control of your mind. These attributes help make you a success in your career but can play havoc with your personal life. A perfectionist, you should strive to keep that attitude in places where it benefits you the most, your work and your diet. Virgo’s should never eat when nervous. Bring calming music and aesthetics into your life to calm the spirit. Noise
 and confusion irritate you therefore you should always have a place of sanctuary that you can retreat into. You must have a meeting of the mind in your friendships yet strangely enough you usually have a least one friend who is wild, disorganized and by your rational, a little crazy, he is your alter ego. You usually take your time before committing romantically, for no one quite measures up to your ideal. When you allow yourself the luxury of passion and free abandonment you are a tender and ardent lover, thereby receiving much deserved love in return. 

Birth dates: September 2nd through September 11th

Both Mercury and Saturn rule the second decanate of Virgo. This combination confers a powerfully strong need to be in 
mental control of your world. Mercury seeks out the facts and Saturn checks and rechecks them before categorizing and placing them in the mental file cabinet. Mercury seeks constant knowledge with a deep desire to know more. Saturn wants 
that knowledge so that he can be a success in the world. This combination can help enormously in your chosen career. An important thing for you to remember is; you must periodically take time away from the mind and play, when you do, you are charming, sociable and loveable. This part of you can attract interesting friends that in the future can help you climb that
 ladder of success that your great mind assures you. When looking for love and especially a wife you seek out a mate that is bright and intelligent. She should also have a sense of fun that reminds you to get out the little boy and play. Although modest, you can be quite the lover when no ones looking, and your mate isn’t about to let the world know your great secret. Your numbers are 5 and 8 while your colors are all earth shades, brown, dark green, black and gray. However on those party
 nights throw in some wild shades.

Birth dates: September 12th through the 22nd

Venus joins your ruler, Mercury in this decanate of Virgo. This is a wonderful combination, for the creativity and passion of Venus can be expressed in the art of communication. When combined in career choices these two planets can create opportunities for success and wealth. Wonderful creative ideas are employed and communicated to the world. The critical tendency of Virgo is softened by the presence of Venus and you are much more forgiving of imperfections. Venus attracts many friends and Mercury scrutinizes them and those that are accepted are long lasting and worthwhile ones. Venus 
enhances your love life, she gives you the ability to express your romantic desires and attract the opposite sex. 
Females find you fascinating and sexy. You seek a mate who is both intelligent and romantic.
Your numbers are 5 and 6. Your colors are all dark or muted earth tones.

Virgo Women

Birth dates: August 23rd though September 1st

Mercury rules this first decanate of Virgo, and the gifts that Mercury gives you are many. A good mind, that has the ability to discriminate, is one of them. You can sort out very quickly what is worth focusing your attention on; a youthfulness that lingers well into adulthood is another. A desire to be organized can sometimes lead you to be a little nit picky and drive you too far in striving for perfection. This doesn’t leave you enough time to smell the roses and sometimes can lead to exhaustion. You are drawn to service and many of you enter the health field where your fastidiousness and ability to pay attention to details is a
 real asset. Whatever career choices you make, your work will always be important to you. You take good care of your children’s needs especially their diet. You are a loving parent with much patience. Your love life is usually a surprise to anyone knowing about it, which seldom happens, for as prim and proper as you might seem, you are an ardent and passionate lover who know how to give and receive pleasure. The number 5 is lucky for you, while earth colors keep you grounded. 

Birth dates: September 2nd through September 11th 

Saturn joins your ruler Mercury, in this second decanate of Virgo. Seriousness to your nature should not be confused with boring. A strong yearning for facts can make you extremely interesting and propel you into exciting ventures. Travel and research can open many doors for you resulting in great accomplishments. Career wise, your capacity for detail and order, makes you an incredible worker, just remember to come up for air. Go to that party, they may need you, even if they are too dumb to realize it. Capable and self-assured you actually get younger with age and are the envy of many. Your friends love 
you and you should choose them wisely for they have to remind you to play. A good parent you give your children solid and logical values to live by. In love you are private and reserved while the public is watching. Hey, but when you give your heart, you are an intense and incredible lover. The numbers 5 and 8 attract money and success, while earth colors, with a little white thrown in activate your sensual nature.

Birth dates: September 12th through September 22nd

Venus joins Mercury in this third decanate of Virgo. Poised and refined, you abhor anything that isn’t eye appealing, or at 
least clean. This combination allows you to use both your intellect and your creativity together. Organized and precise you can bring your creations to market. Whether using your hands or your communication skills in your career you can excel in many different fields. Youthful, with an innocent appeal you attract others to you. Friends always think of you when there is a party
 for they love to be around you, and you have many of them. As a parent you project a wonderful blend of love and order, 
which children can thrive in.
There is some part of you that always remains a child and that playfulness is brought into your love life. You attract a mate
 that appreciates the balance or order and esthetic pleasure. Your approach of cool passion keeps your mate wanting to come back for more. The numbers 5 and 6 bring a combination of love, harmony and excitement. Wear red underwear under that conservative suit, you will feel the power of that energy.

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