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Sagittarius Male
Birth dates: November 23rd through December 3rd

Jupiter, the great benefactor, rules this first decanate of Sagittarius. This planet blesses you with a lucky streak that is active whenever you enhance the qualities of faith and optimism. Born to travel and learn, education is important for you. Whether you choose a vocation that has you physically traveling, or one that incorporates the expansion of your mind and world, medicine, law, foreign affairs or publishing/advertising will attract you. A lover of sports you not only have the ability to excel you truly enjoy it. Your winning personality gains you many friends and you are one they all look for when there’s a party.
Women are very attracted to you, but find it hard to tie you down. You must have a mate that understands your need for freedom and doesn’t think she is in competition with the football game. You don’t take love and sex as serious as most 
signs, for you it is all a part of life, but your fidelity is unquestionable when you have found the right person. The number 
3 is lucky for you, while all shades of purple boost your confidence. 

Birth dates: December 3rd through the 11th

Mars joins Jupiter in this second decanate of Sagittarius. Daring and confident, taking a chance makes you feel alive. Make sure that the risks you take result in something of value. Mars can sometimes push you to be reckless, but when this 
energy is used properly it can give you great courage to take a stand for what is right. Law and politics attract you, as does 
all forms of sport and competition. A born salesman, you have the charm that convinces others of your sincerity. You have friends from all works of life, many who will be around forever. Your social life is never dull for know just how to be the life 
of the party. Few however see that philosophical side of you. Which is quite spiritual and deep. You make a great parent,
giving your kids a lot of physical attention. In the love department you are much sort after but hard to pin down. You love the excitement of the chase and it will take a very confident female to nab you. Once smitten you are loving, faithful and passionate. Shades of red and purple are lucky for you as are the numbers 3 and 9.

Birth dates: December 12th through the 21st

Jupiter and the Sun rule this last decanate of Sagittarius. This wonderful combination gives the Midas touch, and is 
unbeatable for success, if you don’t let the extravagant side of it lead you astray. You have the courage to take the vision of many and make it a reality. Large enterprises attract you. Your faith in yourself and a power higher than you is what helps 
you to succeed where others can’t even get started. You attract people with your optimistic attitude, and always the 
good-guy, you don’t even mind if it seems that others take advantage of your generosity. You know that lady luck always 
brings it back to you. You are a great parent, who is demonstrative and playful, always willing to give of yourself. 
In romance you are passionate and sincere and sometimes a little naïve. Don’t jump into commitments too soon. 
Once you find that special person who adores your honest qualities you will display a tons of affection.
The numbers 1 and 3 are lucky for you and all shades of gold and purple add to your gifts.

Sagittarius Female
Birth dates: November 22nd through December 1st 

Jupiter, the great benefactor, rules this decanate of Sagittarius. The gifts that this great benefactor bestows on you are many. Courage to stand up for your beliefs, are one, and a daring and adventurous spirit, whether in the wilds of nature or the 
halls of literary pursuits is another. A naive faith, which others may scoff at, both protects and guides you when you listen to your intuition. Travel, sports and anything that expands your life’s experiences appeal to you. In career choices you must 
have a certain amount of freedom whether physical or mental. You attract many friends and you extend a genuine attitude 
of none judgment, that you expect in return, but don’t always get. You make a great parent who will take an active part in 
your children’s activities. You like a man who has his own interests, leaving you the freedom to pursue your own. Before he
 can qualify as a lover he must be a friend. Once a rapport is established you have a wonderful adventurous and healthy attitude to sex, uninhibited, passionate and exciting. Your lucky number is 3, while all shades of purples and lavender
enhance your faith in yourself.

Birth dates: December 2nd through the 11th

Jupiter and Mars rule this second decanate of Sagittarius. Strong and competitive these planets want plenty of excitement 
in life and will go to daring ends to create it. Faith coupled with action, can help you launch any ideas that you wish to
 pursue in your business or personal life, just watch that they don’t make you bite of more than you can chew. The gift of 
Jupiter is faith and optimism; don’t allow others to dampen it. When you need to access this great gift, just takes a deep 
breath quiet your mind and listen to your heart, it will guide you well. You know how to be a great friend for others are
 attracted to your sense of fun and optimistic nature. As a parent you are loving and involved in your children’s lives, just
 don’t think they can do everything you can. You may attract lovers, who are mesmerized by your outgoing energy, unless
there is friendship, and you share some similar interest, you wont give him the time of day. When you decide to give your 
heart you do so with childlike enthusiasm, which is extremely refreshing. You are an ardent and passionate lover with a 
sense of fun. Your numbers are 3 and 9, while red, and all shades of purple and lavender are lucky for you.

Birth dates: December 12th through the 21st

Jupiter and the Sun rule this third decanate of Sagittarius. This majestic due confers a royal touch to everything you do. 
Proud and competent, you approach most things in life with a combination of optimism and benevolence. When you feel
 that the end result benefits all, you extend enthusiasm and energy go get the job done. Respectful of others, you expect the same in return. When your great qualities are recognized there is little that you can’t accomplish. This combination gives 
you the ability to work and play with the same enthusiasm. Physical activity helps keep body and mind in a healthy state. 
You attract many friends who are attracted to your sense of fun and your loyalty, but only those with pure intentions will be
 long lived. You make a great parent, active in your children’s life and interests; you encourage them to be true to themselves. Many lovers are attracted to you, but only those with self-confidence and a sense of loyalty need apply. Once you give your heart you are loving, passionate and playful. Your lucky numbers are 1 and 3 while your colors are yellow, gold and all
 shades of purple.

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