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Aquarian Males.

Birth dates: January 20th through January 31st

Uranus rules this first decanate of your sign, making you a pure Aquarian. This planet gives you the freedom to walk your own unique path and show  others how it is done. Uranus is called; “ the great awakener” and you are here to make changes, 
some of them radical. Technology and communication skills appeal to you and you could use these in your choice of career. Intuitive, on a mental level, you don’t let emotions pull you of track. You have a unique way of blending ideas that are way out there,
 with practical solutions. You have many friends who you seldom make demands upon, for you allow people
 to be themselves. A cool parent, in more ways than one, you give your children plenty of freedom. Sometimes your lovers, 
not understanding unconditional love, think that you don’t care because you are not possessive. Don’t worry, you have it right. In the moment you can be a passionate free spirit. Make sure that your mate is not the clingy type; you need someone who
 is also your friend. Iridescent colors enhance your brilliant qualities, and your lucky number is 11, a very high-powered number.

Birth dates: February 1st through February 10th 

Uranus and Mercury rule this second decanate of Aquarius, making you an inventor. Whether you are inventing an object or 
an idea, you are futuristic and unique. You tend to live in your head for your mind is super active. Uranus is called the higher octave of Mercury, endowing you with incredible intuition. Don’t doubt yourself just because others may not understand. Occupations that require inventiveness beckon to you, as do avenues that have you sharing information. You both choose and attract, many friends from various backgrounds, that don’t mix; however you are comfortable in any camp. People admire your independent thinking, but only the brave follow it. As a parent you give your children a lot of freedom and encourage them to think for themselves. You can be an extremely uninhibited lover that brings an electric excitement to your lovemaking. When it comes to a long time mate, they MUST, first be your friend, or the relationship will be short lived. Your lucky numbers are 5 
and 11 and all iridescent colors enhance you exceptional qualities.

Birth dates: February 11th through February 20th

Uranus and Venus rule this third decanate of Aquarius, blessing you with an electric and exciting personality. Highly creative 
in many areas, your pleasing personality can introduce your concepts in such ways as to not only be accepted, but also
 greatly appreciated. Uranus adds a different switch to ways in which Venus presents herself, whether it is in the creative world or a unique moneymaking venture. Whatever endeavor you choose, you have the capacity to bring unusual ventures to success.
While not particularly wanting to be a leader, people follow you, it’s as if they want some of that magnetic charm that you exude. Friendships are important to you and you have no shortage of them. You attract people from a wide verity of backgrounds. As a parent you are loving and demonstrative, while at the same time encouraging you children to be themselves. In the romance area of your life you seek a mate that is physically warm and receptive, but you must have a good mental rapport with her, and both should allow each other freedom of ideas. Your lucky numbers are 6 and 11, while; iridescent colors and sensual fabrics bring out the passionate and playful lover in you.

Aquarian Female

Birth dates: January 20th through the 30th 

Uranus rules this first decanate of Aquarius. Fiercely independent your sense of self is very clear. You know where you want 
to go, what you want to do and with whom you want to do it. If this does not ring true, it means that Saturn, ex-ruler of your sign, is exerting its influence, causing you to accept the opinion of others as your truth which creates a sense of not belonging or being in the wrong place. Tune into your intuitive instincts, which are well developed and listen to what the universe is saying  to you. Many careers beckon to you but before you choose make sure that it affords you the opportunity to think for yourself and be your own person. Uranus is often called the genius planet and it gives you the mental capability to create original and unique ideas or solutions to problems or situations, making you a valuable asset in any business Your friendships are free of judgment and control, and as such you attract free spirits into your surrounding. You make a great mother giving your children their freedom and encouraging them to follow their own dream. Romantically you must have a meeting of the minds, which clearly defines each other’s need for self-expression. When this happens you are sexually exciting, a free spirit not afraid to express your love.
Your lucky number is 11 and your colors are all the iridescent ones, which add sparkle to your life.

Birth dates: January 31st through February 9th 

Mercury joins Uranus in this second decanate of Aquarius. The desire for movement is emphasized with this combination, as the personality seeks the knowledge that will set it free. A wonderful inventive mind and great communication skills are your gift. Unique ideas flow into your mind and if you take the time to tune into your other gift, intuition, you can employ these ideas in all areas of your life. You seek a career that has a strong overtone of humanitarianism, whether directly or indirectly. Only a career that seems to have some purpose, large or small, appeals to you. Your many friends seek you out for your advice, for they see you as the authority. Sometimes you seem alone in the crowd, for you march to your own drummer, whether others notice or not. As a parent you are a friend and a good council, and you encourage your children to follow their dreams. The domestic scene offers you a canvas for your self-expression and your home reflects your distinctive talents. 
As a lover you are not afraid to express yourself and you seek out a mate that agrees to a loyal bond without restricting each others sense of freedom. Once agreed, you exhibit sensitivity and passion your luck numbers are 5 and 11, your colors are white, silver and all iridescent shade.

Birth dates: February 10th through the 18th 

Venus blends her gifts with Uranus in this third decanate of Aquarius. Unconditional love and creative expression are the gifts of this duo. Whether you use these gifts as a wonderful humanitarian. or a unique artist, you will leave an impression on those with whom you fraternize. You see the world as one family and abhor small thinking and prejudices. Your career must appeal
 to your sense of justice and fairness or your creative talent. Your friends adore you and there are many of them. Your children think you’re the best Mom, by being just you. Your lover, well, to qualify for the position, he had better have a great sense of humor, intelligence and a kind disposition. Then you will make mad passionate love with him. Your luck numbers are 6 and 11, yours colors, shades of rose and iridescent hues.

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