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Imagine if every Church, Synagogue, Temple and Spiritual Center meditated on world peace.

I AM the commanding conscious presence that demands peace and harmony in every area and aspect of my life; In my work, in my play, with my friends and family and within my inner being, the peace and harmony of God is active, present, in full operation and complete manifestation.
I send this peace out to every leader in every country and all who make decisions that bring change in our world.

I know that the peace and harmony of God is active in every person everywhere.
 I see this country surrounded by light as more people choose to meditate on peace,
I surrender to spirit the ways in which this will happen. I lay aside my limited opinion as I place my trust in the infinite wisdom of God, knowing that peace and harmony awakens in the hearts, minds, imaginations, hopes, dreams and wishes for everyone;

For the peace and harmony of God far outweighs any desire for disharmony or destruction. 
 Wherever there is God, peace and harmony is active, present and in full manifestation. And so it is.

After reading while listening to the music.
 image yourself passing people that are smiling and happy. Imagine yourself acknowledging the caring of people and the humane way that everyone is interacting. Feel it in every part of your being. 

This is a short meditation, however you can remain in the medative state as long as you wish. Remember feelings, intention and the power of love is what brings change.

Homilies and Meditations from ISD
Meditation for World Peace