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15 Degrees Sagittarius​

The ground hog looking for its shadow

This is a symbol of the creative interest of man in the immediate set or drill of the potentialities on which he must depend. Here in his direct rehearsal of experience through an anticipation of 
eventual realities, or an unhesitating and thoroughly practical trial and error. Implicit in the 
symbolism is a consistent sensitiveness to straws in the wind and a willingness to make any amount
 of self-adjustment in order to capitalize on the situation of the moment. The keyword is REASSURANCE . When positive , the degree is a natural talent for determining the proper course
 of action or reaction in any given issue.
When negative, Lack of self stability and ingrained timidity.

Human Design gate is 5.   Waiting for universal timing.

Always listen to the inner wisdom.

What Does Human Design add to a reading???
Stay focused on your own internal peace. That is the only 
energy you  have control  over.

Youtube video's of New and Full Moons

FIRE SIGN NEW MOONS   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4zymLfrNi4

Water and Earth Full Moons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrGNBWVp_1Y

The instrument I use to clear the fear gates is the lyashi Wand

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