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Sabian Symbols....Marc Edmund Jones

ARIES 26 Degrees  
A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold

This is a symbol of exceptional personal endowment on the side of social capacity and of an
 individual's ever-potential value to his fellows, here marked by an abnormal spread of interest and 
a tendency to attempt all things. 
Implicit in the symbolism is the risk of frustration or even self-betrayal through an uncontrollable restlessness and exaggerated self confidence, but there is also a prodigality of ambition and effort which can lead to a very genuine self-fulfillment. The keyword is EQUIPMENT. When positive, the degree is an uncompromising independence and an inexhaustible drive toward self-discovery, and when negative, an obsession by ideas of no practical worth.

HUMAN DESIGN GATES: Sun in gate 42
Increase and benefit.

Always listen to the inner wisdom, especially NOW

What Does Human Design add to a reading???
Stay focused on your own internal peace. That is the only 
energy you  have control  over.

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