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  Sabian Symbols

Full moon in Virgo/Pisces September 14th

21 Degrees Virgo A girls' basketball team This is a symbol of the integrated divisions of
 labor by which any higher reality is manifest in everyday terms, and of the opportunity which 
the wide variations of modern life have provided for individual specialization and personal refinement. The self cannot exist in a vacuum, and there is no satisfaction in any effort expended for ends in which others are not vitally concerned. Man's fulfillment is primarily a continued participation in common goals, with rewards to which his fellows contribute as consistently as himself. The keyword is expression. When positive,the degree is effective self-consummation through exceptional
co-operation and adaptability, and when negative, listless conformity.

21 Degrees Pisces A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant
This is a symbol of the scattered divisions of labor through which any over-all 
reality is encountered by man in his everyday or more haphazard existence, and 
of the necessity that he brings the threads of his diffusion into a skein of meaning and opportunity. He must learn that nothing acts alone or persists in a vacuum, 
and that in consequence there is an integrating significance throughout his own experience. He must find this and draw it to single focus in some special design of self-expression. 
The keyword is talent. When positive, the degree is completely unconditioned self-discovery out of wholly unlimited potentialities, and when negative, groping aimlessness.

The Sun is in gate 47.Realization. The Moon gate 22. Grace

             Listen to the audio, and      Always listen to the inner wisdom.

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