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SABIAN SYMBOLS  Keywords              FULL MOON

 SUN  2 Degrees Libra
Keyword is THRESHOLD. When positive , the degree is the imaginative sweep of mans vision             and an eagerness to execute its promise . When negative , a loss of realty in an infinitely regressive otherworldliness or a total lack of practicality.

MOON 2 Degrees Aries
Keyword is RELEASE .When positive, the degree is the power of personality through a full and completely uninhibited self-expression. When negative. A neglect of common responsibility through idle diversion of interest.

Saturn at 2 degrees 48 mins of Capricorn. . I will use 3 Degrees.
3 Degrees:  Keyword AVIDITY   When positive the degree is a gift for entering into the         kaleidoscopic patterns of personal relationship with an unbounded enthusiasm. When negative , simple shiftlessness or abandon.

The Full Moon is in gates 25 Trust and 46 Self determination. 

Always listen to the inner wisdom, especially NOW

What Does Human Design add to a reading???
Stay focused on your own internal peace. That is the only 
energy you  have control  over.

Youtube video's of New and Full Moons

FIRE SIGN NEW MOONS   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4zymLfrNi4

Water and Earth Full Moons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrGNBWVp_1Y

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