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The Sabian Symbol for the ECLIPSE Full Moon
                                     January 10th

 20 Degrees Capricorn   A hidden choir singing

This is a symbol of the eternal music of the spheres, and is an emphasis on the ideality of experience as at root a symphony of cosmic reconciliations. The differences of individual character which have contributed to a person's initiative and a conscious selfhood are here brought to their point of ultimate and single source in an over-all existence, and each and every element of inharmony is reordered as a participating distinctiveness of the whole. All men are 
at one in the universal pattern. The keyword is worship. When positive, the degree is a unique
 gift for establishing a common interest and making it a power for the good of all, and when negative, personal aloofness and look warm loyalties.

20 Degrees of Cancer   Gondoliers in a serenade

This is a symbol of the ever-exuberant music of life itself, and is an emphasis on experience as 
a symphony of co-operative relationships. the divisions of labor which create a human society
are here brought to high consummation in the expanding development of selfhood and its functions. The capacity of the individual spirit for participation in the basic stream of events is exalted momentarily in a contribution to the imagination and the hunger of the soul. 
The keyword is sentiment. When positive, the degree is a perfecting of those personal traits and inclinations which bring an enduring satisfaction to every immediate situation, and when negative, a retreat of self from all worth-while reality.

The Human Design gates for this eclipse are 53 New Beginnings and gate 54 Ambition. Material and Spiritual.

Listen to the audio, and      Always listen to the inner wisdom.

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