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The Sabian Sybols for the Full moon 

THE SUN   20 Degrees Scorpio A woman drawing two dark curtains aside

 This is a symbol of the enduring values which the average individual visualizes behind the outer facade of everyday existence, and of his desire to penetrate to more worthy dimensions of experience. Implicit in the symbolism is the essential courage of the soul, and the vital concept 
of life as unrewarding except as it provides a way to cross every threshold of common limitation. Man's being is not his own unless he can gamble on its continuance. The keyword is daring.
 When positive, the degree is the psychological indomitability with which the human spirit 
plunges ahead in every new adventure of accomplishment, and when negative, a personality debased by fatuous self-exhibition.

20 Degrees Taurus Wind clouds and haste

 This is a symbol of the transiency which characterizes life for the average individual,
and of the instability which results from the disinclination of most people to give very much of themselves to their experience. Implicit in the negative symbolism is the divine aplomb of the
 ego, ever able to hold to its course through superficial excitement. There is a real spiritual lightness here as an outer mark of the soul's fundamental freedom. The keyword is exaltation. When positive, the degree is efficiency in controlling events at any point of transition or crisis, 
and when negative, a diffusion of self and waste of energy in an attempt to grasp the myriad 
facets of the unessential.

Human Design Gates 
The Sun gate 48 Insight.. Moon gate 23 pealing away and stabilizing

Listen to the audio, and      Always listen to the inner wisdom.

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