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                                          JULY 16th

Sabian Symbols...Marc Edmund Jones   

 THE SUN at 24 degrees Cancer. 
A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south

This is a symbol of the soul's necessary decisive ness in the basic allegiances of life, here emphasized terms of practical or everyday relations. There must be a mediation between the competing demands for immediate attend to various transient needs, and for some consistent
 or over all goal which will bring an individual's efforts into a cohesive pattern. The inner 
capacities must be disciplined continual for the sake of plethora of outer opportunities. 
The keyword is inception.
 When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for organizing and exploiting the
 self's potentials,
when negative a devastating sense of ineptitude and estrangement from reality

The Moon is 24 Degrees Capricorn         A woman entering a convent

This is a symbol of the soul's characteristic dependence on some deep stirring challenge to its potentialities, and of the fact that life can have no satisfaction for the individual unless he is able to develop and maintain some enduring allegiance of an over-all significance. Here is a measure of that cosmic insight through which the self knows that of itself it is nothing, and that it can find itself only as it somehow can feel itself a participant in all-self. Man's talents are exalted only by a dedication to eternal ends. The keyword is consecration.

 When positive, the degree is the irresistible power of a true inner vision, 
and when negative, abject surrender to weakness The formula is: sustaining-critical-efficient-generalizing-social-responsible. 

HUMAN DESIGN GATES: SUN 62 Precision, Details, Clarification. The Moon gate 61 Inner truth...Listen

Listen to the audio, and      Always listen to the inner wisdom.

                              Video's for New and Full moons

New Moon for Fire signs                                                Earth and Water Full Moons

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