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​                                               22 Degrees Aries
The gate to the garden of desire 
This is a symbol of man's uncompromising faith in the fact of his being, and of his naive optimism as life opens up one or another of its opportunities before him. Here is self-fulfillment in the realization that there are always unlimited days ahead and that immeasurable frontiers are yet to be crossed. Personality forever reassures itself by an enhancement of its dreams and a strengthening of its deeper expectations.

 The keyword is PROSPECT When positive, the degree is a high quickening to every possibility of individual discovery and experience, and when negative, a tendency to     while away the years in contemplating the things which might be claimed for the self rather than making any real effort to gain them.

    Always listen to the inner wisdom.

                                           Video's for New and Full Moons

New Moon for Fire signs                                                   Earth and Water Full Moons

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