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Sabian Symbols....Marc Edmund Jones

When a New Moon is over the 30 minute mark I use the next degree. 
This New Moon is 26 degrees 35 minutes, very close, therefore I am posting both degrees.

 An eagle and a large white dove turning one into the other 
This is a symbol of exceptional personal endowment on the side of an individual capacity to meet each particular situation, here revealed in a creative or purposive approach to all aspects of human experience. Implicit in the symbolism is the self's responsibility for the general state of affairs in each immediate reality, and also the risk of very real frustration whenever the face of events cannot be shaped along more idealized lines. Man is the master of his fate to the extent his action is in his own true interest. The keyword is ADEPTNESS. When positive, the degree is unusually effective self-discipline, and when negative, unhappy vacillation between ultimate ideals and momentary desires.

27 degrees Libra
 An airplane hovering overhead 
This is a symbol of the psychological maturity of man on the ideal side of life, and of the imaginative resourcefulness of character which makes him an immortal being. Here is emphasis on experience as
 a means for achieving an over-all view of the world at and on the self-satisfaction which follows from seeing things in terms of their consequences and relationships. The individual finds himself the momentary epitome of every human potential. The keyword is REFLECTION. When positive, the degree is high effectiveness in self-adjustment or real skill in meeting the crises of life, and when negative, complete inability to get down into immediate realities.

Always listen to the inner wisdom

What Does Human Design add to a reading???

Stay focused on your own internal peace. That is the only 
energy you  have control  over.

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