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9 Degrees VIRGO A man making a futurist drawing 
This is a symbol of the originality an individual must show in any true assertion of himself, and 
o£ the importance of the aesthetic or more spiritual areas of his experience. It is only through 
an identifiable and personal uniqueness that man is able to establish himself among his fellows, and the risk he takes is that if this becomes too extreme it may repel rather than attract. Implicit in the symbolism is a challenge to a distinctiveness which will release the creative capacities of
 others as well as self. The keyword is experiment. "When- positive, the degree is a gift for the illimitable expansion of the human mind and a consequent extension of its powers, and when negative, complete and continuous confusion of ideas.

9 Degrees PISCES A Jockey

  This is a symbol of the eagerness for life an individual must show in any true revelation of himself, and of the concern he must have for the struggles and competitions of everyday experience. It is only through thoroughly consistent performance of his skills and talents that 
man establishes himself among- his fellows, and as this develops in excellence he is under increasing obligation to be successful in exhibiting them. Implicit in the symbolism are very
 harsh penalties for any failure to drive the capabilities of self to the limit The keyword is practice. When positive, the degree is a spectacular gift for rising to any occasion, and when negative 
 witless gambling of  every resource and potentiality.

                                                    Always listen to the inner wisdom.

                                           Video's for New and Full Moons

New Moon for Fire signs                                                   Earth and Water Full Moons

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