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​Kathy Kerston has been a seeker all her life. An International Astrologer, writer, teacher, hypnotherapist, and lecturer for over 35 years. She is continually adding new and innovative methods to help her clients get the most out of their astrology reading. Kathy is a minister and the director of The Institute for Spiritual Development, a metaphysical church in Sparta, NJ (www.isdsparta.org) where she teaches and conducts workshops on varied metaphysical subjects including Astrology-"Enhancing The Law of Attraction" and EFT- "Emotional Freedom Technique". Her new workshop "Making the Quantum Leap" is based on various methods of emotional and memory related issues. With the information Kathy gleams from the Astrology chart and the Human Design charts of those attending the workshop, she is able to help everyone move forward from the restrictive influences of the past.

I am high in the hills of Assisi Italy
The Internet is very very slow
You are on your own for this full Moon
Blessings from Assisi

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Offices in Denville and Sparta New Jersey   Phone: 973-551-3466email: kathykerston@gmail.com 
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